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Isaac Marano

You have no idea how grateful I am to hear that you're considering of donating. I know there's countless things you could spend your money on, but I really do appreciate you wanting to support the podcast. The donations I receive will help cover the cost of producing, hosting and marketing the podcast.

I currently work full time Monday - Friday, so I only really get to work on the podcast is on weekends. I'm using this time to find guests, schedule the interview, record the interview, compose some music for the episode preview, edit the interview, release the finished episode, update the website, post on social media to market the podcast, and then repeat for the next you can see, there's a lot goes on behind the scenes! You can see why I would appreciate any support you would offer.


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  • Thank you for believing in me and this podcast. I would be forever grateful if you can offer this kind of support.

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