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  • Freedom & Purpose Coach
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Operate life from a place of strength and hope, and live a life of abundance.

I am Nafisah (na-FI-sa), a Freedom and Purpose coach who specializes in coaching carers and givers to step into their power through self-care, healthy boundaries, and seeing themselves as worthy of asking and receiving.

My Story

My marriage broke down one year after I moved countries to meet up with my then-husband. At that point, I felt exhausted and drained, but I kept moving to see ways I could get better for myself and inevitably, my now-5-year-old daughter. I kept educating myself and understood the need to heal from the trauma that was beyond my marriage. I traced my previous relationships and saw similar patterns; emotionally abused, taken advantage of, inability to speak up, and feeling like I was walking on eggshells all of the time.

I grew up doing everything for everyone and with little to no boundaries and chronic people-pleasing. Therefore, working to this point of being comfortably imperfect, and having the ability to choose for me, is my biggest strength for my clients. It comes from a place of understanding and sitting with you in the darkness while working towards your life of freedom.

I respect that every client of mine has their process and journey. This means that my work with every client is unique and tailored to their needs.

  • Trauma Recovery Coach
  • Work With Survivors of Domestic Violence
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