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My name is Janet Rhodes and I am a Trauma Professional & Coach. I have worked with trauma survivors for the last decade, particularly those who have experienced domestic abuse and childhood trauma offering them individual & group sessions.

If you're looking for ways to improve your life following trauma, I can help you. Rhodes To Wellness Coaching offers a personalized coaching service to help you find wholeness in your life and move into your empowerment. Perhaps you're struggling with your mental health, a relationship, or you have a past trauma that you need support with, I am here to help. I can offer one-to-one sessions by telephone or via Zoom. Here are my courses and certifications:

  • Root-Cause Therapy
  • Domestic Violence Risk Assesment & Management
  • Early Intervention Field Traumatology
  • Life Coaching Certificate
  • Professional Counseling Program: "I Just Can't Think Straight: Domestic Violence"
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Strangulation" with Rachel Ramirez of Ohio Domestic Violence Network
  • Aging without Violence
  • Trauma Professional - Arizona Trauma Institute
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