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Domestic violence is a reality for so many people. For each episode, I'll be interviewing the survivors of abusive relationships. If you have suffered from domestic violence, then these stories of hope are for you.

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01 May 2021

Episode 30: Misty

    On this episode, I had the chance to talk with Misty as she shared her personal experience of domestic violence. Unfortunately, there were multiple abusive relationships that Misty went through.

    It was inspiring to hear how she managed to break that cycle and has gone on to raise awareness of domestic violence with her own podcast titled "I'm A Survior".

  • Misty's Story
05 Mar 2021

Episode 29: Nita

    On this episode of the podcast, Nita is sharing her personal experience with child abuse. This is a slightly different perspective on domestic violence when compared to previous episodes.

    It was really inspiring to hear what Nita has overcome and the amazing work she is doing with her Non-Profit Organization. If you would like to reach out to Nita, please visit

  • Nita's Story
23 Jan 2021

Episode 28: Landi

    In this episode, I had the chance to hear Landi's personal experience of domestic violence. We discussed some of the darker moments in her life, as well as the wonderful new direction her life has gone in. I hope you enjoy listening to Landi's inspirational story.

  • Landi's Story
16 Jan 2021

Episode 27: Shari

    On this episode, we look at domestic violence through a different perspective. Shari was able to overcome her own personal trauma and now works with people to help them do the same. It's within the area of post-traumatic growth that Shari is making a change in peoples lives.

    If you would like to reach out and connect with Shari, please head over to her website at

  • Shari's Story
12 Jan 2021

Episode 26: Krystal

    For just over two years, Krystal was involved in an abusive relationship that ended with her in hospital. Luckily, she was able to escape that relationship and is determined to inspire other people by sharing her experience. I'm so grateful I had the chance to speak to such a brave and inspirational woman.

  • Krystal's Story
29 Dec 2020

Episode 25: Brittany

    For this episode, I had the chance to talk to Brittany about how she overcame domestic violence. We also discussed how she's documented her story in her newly released book, The Shattered House.

    If you'd like to purchase Brittany's book The Shattered House or learn more about it, just head over to (*as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualify purchases).

    If you were impacted by this interview and would like to reach out to Brittany, please head over to her website -

  • Brittany's Story
05 Nov 2020

Episode 24: Tracy

    In this episode, I had the chance to speak to a very inspiring woman. Tracy's personal story of overcoming domestic violence is an incredible journey. I'm sure you'll find it just as inspiring as I did.

    If you were impacted by this interview and would like to reach out to Tracy, you can check out her Instagram account or her website -

  • Tracy's Story
16 Sep 2020

Episode 23: Brittany

    I hope you enjoy this interview I had with Brittany. She is one incredible woman with such a kind heart and is already inspiring so many other people. I'm so grateful I had the chance to learn more about her story.

    If you were impacted by this interview and would like to reach out to Brittany, you can check out her Instagram account.

    To learn more about the free masterclass mentioned at the start of this episode, just head over to

  • Brittany's Story
07 Sep 2020

Episode 22: Susan

    Susan has been involved in multiple abusive relationships, but that didn't stop her from moving on with her own life. She now devotes her time to helping other survivors of domestic violence. There's some incredible wisdom and advice in this interview, so I'm sure you'll be inspired by Susan's story.

    If you were impacted by this interview and would like to reach out to Susan, you can check out her website

  • Susan's Story
22 Aug 2020

Episode 21: Taelar

    It was so inspiring to talk with Taelar as she shared her story. I definitely admire her strength and courage to share these details so soon after she left her abusive relationship. There's some really great advice in this conversation, so I'm sure you'll definitely be inspired by Taelar's story.

  • Taelar's Story
19 Jul 2020

Episode 20: Katherinn

    Katherinn has got such a happy and positive outlook on life. You would never know that she had been through an abusive relationship before. It was very inspiring to hear what Katherinn went through and how she has such a passion to help other people overcome adversity in their own life.

    If you were inspired by Katherinn's story, you can reach out and let her know on Instagram.

  • Katherinn's Story
04 Jul 2020

Episode 19: Kevin

    I was recently introduced to Kevin and after speaking with him, I knew I had to feature him on the podcast! He's a guy with a big heart to help people and is in the process of setting up a non-profit organisation to help survivors of domestic violence.

    Kevin's got so much passion and determination and I can't wait to see where this project goes in the future.

    While there's no offical website for the project yet, you can connect with Kevin over at his website

  • Kevin's Story
28 Jun 2020

Episode 18: Kristina

    I had such a wonderful time speaking with Kristina for this episode. It was amazing to hear how she overcame domestic violence and how she's helping other people.

    The journey after leaving an abusive relationship can be challenging, but you don't have to face it alone. I hope you enjoy the really helpful and inspiring advice in this episode.

    If you were inspired by Kristina's story, you can reach out and let her know on Instagram.

  • Kristina's Story
24 Jun 2020

Episode 17: Rachael

    Despite all the various forms of abuse that Rachael went through, she still managed to overcome domestic violence. I was so inspired to hear that Rachael went on to start the Lokahi Foundation and dedicate her life to helping other survivors of domestic violence.

    During this episode I also share about the great work that Healing and Hope Yoga are doing for the domestic violence community.

  • Rachael's Story
12 Jun 2020

Episode 16: Anita

    It was very inspiring to hear how Anita turned her experience of domestic violence into a life long mission to help other survivors. There's some great practical advice in this episode that will set you on the path to overcome past trauma.

  • Anita's Story
10 Jun 2020

Episode 15: Ashleigh

    Ashleigh has come so far since she left her abusive relationship. She has now gone on to inspire other people about overcoming adversity and has launched her own podcast. I hope you enjoy Ashleigh's uplifting story about overcoming domestic violence.

  • Ashleigh's Story
09 Dec 2019

Episode 14: Kecia

    It didn't take too long before the abuse started in Kecia's relationship. After around 7 months she managed to escape, but not everything went according to plan.

  • Kecia's Story
10 Aug 2019

Episode 13: Lisa

    Covering up bruises is something that Lisa was far too familiar with. It was only so long that she could continue to mask the signs of her abuse. Feeling ashamed of her situation, it was difficult to reach out for help. Although, when what was meant to be a romantic holiday, took a dark turn, Lisa knew that she had to get away from him, for good.

  • Lisa's Story
26 May 2019

Episode 12: Olivia

    How could you tell if someone was in and abusive relationship, if you can’t see their bruises? Olivia had found herself in a relationship where her trauma was more than just skin deep. Her experience involved more emotional and financial abuse - something that can be hidden from the people outside the relationship. Olivia has gone on to overcome this and is now helping other survivors do the same.

  • Olivia's Story
05 May 2019

Episode 11: Nancy

    Looking in from the outside, Nancy’s life seemed to be going great. Although nobody knew what was really going on behind closed doors. Before she could follow her passion of helping other survivors of abusive relationships, she had to find a way out of her own.

  • Nancy's Story
13 Apr 2019

Episode 10: Molly

    At the age of 16, Molly has already been through more struggles than any teenager should have to. Her relationship was mainly online where she was met with verbal abuse, manipulation and even death threats. Despite all of this, Molly was able to come out the other side and is inspiring people with her story.

  • Molly's Story
16 Mar 2019

Episode 09: Rochelle

    Everyone has their own different turning point when the decide to leave an abusive relationship. For Rochelle, it was seeing her daughter caught in the crossfire. There had to be a way out, and Rochelle was determined to find it.

  • Rochelle's Story
03 Mar 2019

Episode 08: Zoe

    How do you find the strength to leave an abusive relationship, when you feel like you deserve the punishment? Zoe was able to overcome this mindset and has gone on to help other survivors of domestic violence.

  • Zoe's Story
23 Feb 2019

Episode 07: Christine

    After enduring her abusive relationship for so long, Christine finally reached breaking point. She knew more than ever that she had to get out.

  • Christine's Story
16 Feb 2019

Episode 06: Roisin

    How do you find the strength to leave an abusive partner when they've emotionally and physically drained you? Roisin tried to leave the relationship countless times, until something happened that changed everything.

  • Roisin's Story
03 Feb 2019

Episode 05: Marianne

    Marianne had her escape plan all worked out. She thought she would be in the clear, until the situation took an unexpected turn.

  • Marianne's Story
13 Jan 2019

Episode 04: Dani

    It seems almost impossible to recover from this kind of abuse. Dani shares how her partner even threatened to bury her in a grave that he dug in the back yard. Despite all this, Dani also explains how optimistic she is about the future. She is definitely an inspiration!

  • Dani's Story
06 Jan 2019

Episode 03: Catherine

    How do you come back from the darkest of days, when all hope is lost? Catherine was willing to look death in the face to escape her abusive partner. Hear how she managed to get through this experience and come out the other side.

  • Catherine's Story
08 Dec 2018

Episode 02: Paige

    How do you cope when the person that once took your breath away, is about to take your life away? This was the tragic situation that Paige had to face. Learn how she managed to leave this abusive relationship and how she's raising awareness of domestic violence.

  • Paige's Story
05 Dec 2018

Episode 01: Viviana

    Being involved in 3 different abusive relationships has taught Viviana a lot over the years. Listen to how she managed to overcome these situations and the message of hope that is shared.

  • Viviana's Story

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