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Covering up bruises is something that Lisa was far too familiar with. It was only so long that she could continue to mask the signs of her abuse. Feeling ashamed of her situation, it was difficult to reach out for help. Although, when what was meant to be a romantic holiday, took a dark turn, Lisa knew that she had to get away from him, for good.


Episode: 13

Raising Awareness

By interviewing these brave survivors, I'm able to record and distribute their stories worldwide. Every person will have a different story to tell and how domestic violence has impacted their lives.

Giving Hope

Trying to live your life after abuse can be a daunting journey. Know that you are not alone, no matter how isolated you might be feeling. You can listen to any of these stories to remind you that life does get better.

Changing Lives

I've received some inspiring feedback and encouragement from people around the world. It's these types of messages that remind me why I started this podcast in the first place.

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