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You Do Not Have To Walk Alone

I'm Stephanie, a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, nervous system educator, and survivor of complex trauma. I specialize in using a mind-body approach to help women recover from trauma at the level of the nervous system, where patterns of protection are held within the body, often manifesting as ongoing anxiety, depression, overwhelm, or pain and illness. My coaching is Internal Family Systems (IFS)-informed, and I use "parts work" to help you uncover deeper patterns of wise survival that drive nervous system states and emotional and relational patterns.

We work slowly together to build safety within your nervous system so that you can heal and thrive without getting overwhelmed and re-traumatized while doing the healing work. There is a way home to yourself, and I am here to help you find your unique path out of overwhelm and into a life of freedom, joy and connection!

  • You are not alone
  • Recovering from trauma is possible
  • Healing is your birthright
  • You were made to thrive
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